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October 29, 2018


Steelers Football Stitched Jersey Pouncey 53 Maurkice Thank you. After reading and trying several troubleshooting guides, restoring the iPod to its original factory settings, etc... yours is the only source that I found that makes sense and explains the ambiguous "invalid response" message. As you clearly outline, the only option is really to have a secondary install... which is for me, too much of a waste of resources just to keep using this nice old iPod. In my case, after managing to start to restore the iPod to its original settings, now it ask me to connect to itunes to finish up the restoration... So, I ended wit an iPod that is unusable by itself. As you said, a simple warning telling users that "iOS 4 is no longer supported", would have saved me a lot of time.

Looks as if this has been fixed with a Mojave update. Thank you!!

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Hugely useful post. I also wasted way to much time on this after finding my trusty iphone3G (which I use as an ipod) is no longer supported. Apple could have made the error message far more clear and saved us all a lot of effort. It's sad that my still otherwise healthy and working 3G can no longer be used.

Devin said "Looks as if this has been fixed with a Mojave update.". Yes, that is true. With Mojave 10.14.2 I am able now to sync music to my old iPod touch now. Thanks.

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